Octopus wearing glasses
Firefly Rituals

Like therapy, except with magic

(and not at all anything like therapy, not even a little bit)

Connecting humans who need spiritual nourishment with spiritual beings who need humans to nourish. 

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Unwind and get cozy while I travel to other realms and meet spirit beings who can help you see the way forward. 


Remember and re-embody your intrinsic health. free of dis-order and dis-ease, with the support of spirit.  


Mark the passage of time, special occasions, and transitional rites for alternative folks through non-traditional means.


Seriously, none of this constitutes mental health counseling, even if I am a licensed professional counselor. None of my spiritual services are regulated or overseen by a board. If you’re looking for professional counseling, with its educational and licensing requirements, ethics boards and evidenced-based practices, go here.